Bunting Suitability

Before purchasing our made to order iron on letters / numbers for bunting, please ensure that your bunting is made from a suitable material.

The majority of ‘blank’ bunting available for purchase is made from either Cotton or Polyester (or a mix of both).

Choosing a cotton or polyester bunting material will ensure that our iron on letters will attach perfectly to your bunting without damaging either the iron on transfers or your bunting.

Paper Bunting

Yes! So paper has a very high melting point which means our iron on transfers can be applied to your paper bunting without a problem!

Nylon Bunting

This is a tricky one! So, our transfers can be applied on Nylon but you need to change how you apply your bunting transfers. The general rule of thumb when applying our bunting transfers is the iron is set to a high temperature in order for the glue to activate. Nylon has a much lower melting point, so instead of using a high temperature, you can use a lower temperature however you would use more pressure when “ironing on”.

We’re here to help 😻

If you are unsure if your bunting will work with our iron on bunting transfers, please get in contact. We are more than happy to assist you.